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Puerto Rican Machete Necklace

Puerto Rican Machete Necklace

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There isn't anything out there that expresses "Pride" more than the "Jibaro" Machete with the engraved Flag of Puerto Rico.
"El Machete" is a tool used throughout the Island for agriculture.

Quote from the Papiichulo designer:
"I remember as a child working with my dad in Rio Grande PR at my grandma's yard with a Machete and after we would cut open a fresh coconut from "La Palma" to drink the sweet water.  Every Puerto Rican home had a machete on the Island and that's what inspired me to design this pendant".

Include this pendant in your everyday wear! It's the perfect accessory.
It will compliment any style and express how proud you are of your Puerto Rican roots.

Pendant comes with a simple light weight 24inch "Snake" chain.

Sturdy Stainless Steel, modern, and edgy.

Project your "Papi Chulo" stamina!

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